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Are you FINALLY ready for love?

This is

Bridge to Love - A Proven 5-step program to attract the right man  With Jaki Sabourin

Finally, A proven 5-step program to help you attract the right man.

This program will show you how easy it can be to Bridge the Gap and connect to the Love you deserve without ever settling.

Bridge to Love is ONLY $197

as compared to a live workshop at $849

Plus no expensive travel costs!

Program starts February 14th and runs 5 weeks.

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Let me ask you something. Does any of this self-talk hit a nerve with you?

“Why does everyone else seem to have it so easy? What do they know that I don’t?”

“Maybe I’m just destined to be alone!”

“I’m SO ready to have a man in my life…why can’t I seem to make it happen? Maybe there are no good men out there!”

“I don’t even know how to start, and besides, at my age, why bother?”

If any of that sounds familiar, I hope you’ll keep reading.

There are a lot of women out there just tolerating life. Settling for so-so. Giving up on their deepest desires and even a little embarrassed by what they want.

Are you one of them?

You’re an educated, bright woman. You have lived life and been through a lot. You take good care of yourself (for the most part), and everyone likes you.

So why the nagging feeling that you’re just plain missing something?!

And why has love continued to be the one goal you can’t seem to reach?

What advice would you give to your best friend or your child? To settle? To give up? Or would you tell them that there was still a lot of life to live and that they deserved to be happy?

If you feel like life is passing you by, but you think you lack the energy, passion, time, or knowledge to change things, I have news for you.

It is NOT too late, my friend.


I am living proof that the very best years of your life can begin after 40!

My work is created on the foundation of this belief:


The mid-point of your life isn’t about settling;
it’s about getting STARTED!!!

Think about how it would feel…

  • To greet each day with energy and enthusiasm.
  • To have a loving relationship that fills you up instead of leaving you empty.
  • To know you’re living a meaningful life that is making a difference (and making YOU happy).

And what if you could have all of that by investing just 5 weeks in yourself?

Bridge to Love

As women, too many of us spend the first part of our lives building our career, taking care of our families, and being the friend that our friends need.

Often, we wake up one day to see that while we’ve helped everyone else build their lives, we forgot to take care of our own heart and soul along the way.

Women are nurturing and dynamic beings, but too often we spend our magic on other people. That’s a good thing! But it can leave you feeling at best, depleted and at worst, resentful and sad.

Here’s something I know to be 100% true—quality men are absolutely mesmerized by women who are happy, confident and fulfilled already!

Can you honestly say that you send out vibes of happiness, high energy and a passion for life?

That’s why I designed BRIDGE TO LOVE, to walk you through the same steps of self-discovery that I took so that you can finally start loving and living the life that you deserve so you can attract your Soulmate!

I know that “I have so much to give, but there’s this one thing missing” feeling you’ve got in your head and heart.

After my divorce several years ago, I thought my love life was over. I was smack in the middle of my life and I felt that I would just have to get used to being on my own. But deep down I still longed for a Soulmate who would not only share my life but also enhance it!

Slowly I began to come around, and I realized the one thing holding me back was ME. I took the time to nurture my spirit and began to honor my feminine magic – and once I did this, the world came flying at me with everything I’d ever wanted…including a loving partner.

What really motivated me to change was the day I realized an entire DECADE had gone by while I was stuck in my story of my past pain and hurt. TEN YEARS. Time is the most precious asset we have, and I had just squandered ten years stuck in an emotional rut. I felt resentful that my life didn't go like I thought it should. I blamed others for my problems, hoping a man would come along and rescue me. It wasn't until I realized, much to my embarrassment that MEN don't want to rescue women!

It turns out the only person who could save me was ME. If I didn’t love myself enough to save myself why would a man want to? In a lot of ways that was the worst and best day of my life. It’s when I hit bottom that my life really began. It was then that I did the work, hired a mentor and learned to love and empower myself.

And shortly after that, Michael walked into my life! Now I spend my winters on the ski slopes where I got engaged, instead of on my couch! My days and nights are filled with more fulfillment and more fun than I thought possible before I did my work!

Jaki and Michael at Deer Valley Music Festival
Jaki and Michael Proposal
Jaki and Michael at home
Jaki and Michael honeymoon
Jaki and Michael anniversary

If you want to stop settling for the status quo and want to uncover the magic that is already within you -- the kind of magic that magnetizes men to you -- read on.

Maybe you’re:

  • Feeling a little anxious or sad and can’t explain why.
  • Finding yourself giving too much and feeling wiped out!
  • Want a man but think he should come to you!
  • Feeling a pull to find your purpose once and for all.
  • Longing for an intimate partner whose values and desires are a perfect match to yours.
  • Feeling like you’re pushing men away, but don’t know why.

The good news is, you’re not alone! A lot of women hit midlife and start to feel these things. What many don’t realize is that these feelings of discontent are actually signs of an AWAKENING.

Think about that!

Those things that have felt challenging for you are a sign that you are READY. You have reached a point in your life where you have the self-awareness to know that there’s MORE for you.

And I want to help you get it.

No matter where you’re starting from or what your situation is, you can do this.

But why is this not just a “find a man” or “how to date” program?

Oh it is! But there’s more! Because sometimes, finding love isn’t step one, it’s the result of step one.

Step one is finding yourself. And loving yourself is the key that opens the door to loving another and being loved back!

There is a direct connection between loving yourself (and your life) and attracting the love of a worthy partner. One plants the seed and builds the foundation for the other.

What do I mean by that?

You’ve got to reconnect to your joy, your passion for living, your identity and when you do? You radiate from within, sending out signals of “readiness” that good men cannot ignore!

Stop standing in the shadows. It’s time to be brave and start doing the work you need to do to step into this next phase of your life with joy!

I’ll be guiding you every step of the way, with proven techniques that will lead you to the life you’ve previously only dreamed about!

To create our desires, our higher vision for our lives, we must grow our mindset to match these desires. The fastest way to achieve this is through a the support of a mentor. Someone who as done their spiritual mindset growth work and who has a achieved the level of success we desire.

By choosing Jaki as my mentor I can honestly say, she is the one, she is the real deal. I have worked with many people on my path and it is true what they say. When you are ready, the teacher will appear.

Jaki is someone who has done her spiritual work and knows how to lovingly share it and support another in the achievement of their desires and dreams. If you are tired of not having all that you desire in life and are willing to do the work and move out of your own way to polish the facets of your inner diamond she is the way shower. Jaki is not in it for her ego and self satisfaction of achievement; she is in it to support you in achieving your dreams and desires. She is the best wing woman in the world. Everyone needs to be deeply supported and loved through the rough spots of self growth by someone who understands the process. I am deeply grateful that synchronicity led me to Jaki. During my time of private coaching with her I have gone from fearful resistance and not know how, to step by step doing the work to rebuild myself from within and actualizing my vision. I am now free from my past obstructions and able to say yes to having and achieving all that I desire.”

Cindy Ciskowski

I created this 5-week program to help you rediscover yourself, your deepest desires and your powerful feminine energy so that you can quite literally magnetize your ideal man to your side!

Decide now that you’re through playing small, and through settling for less than the kind of deep joy and fulfillment you deserve.

You are destined for greater things, deeper joy, happier relationships …and you DO still have time to go after them!

From (being a) Grammy to becoming my dating self. Fresh out of the cocoon! I'm dating for the first time in decades! My greatest growth was the day I signed up to work with Jaki. I love Jaki's enthusiasm and her inner trust that she had something special to offer me and that if I could be receptive, I would grow. I had no idea how or what she could offer but I trusted my deepest self to do something I had never done! Commit! Commit to working on myself with the Lynnda before and afterhope of finding a partner, a love of my life, a soul mate. All those words were for someone else. Not for me, I thought. So, first trust and then commitment! Two biggies! Sounds like marriage! What I have learned is to deeply love myself. That was the greatest gift of all. Love you. Peace.”


Whatever it is you want in the second half of your life, it’s OK to go after it! Not only is it ok, but I would argue that it's vital.

A Huffington Post article recently covered a study by Happily that found that a shocking 90% of people have a MAJOR regret in their life.

And the TOP category of regret?


Think about that. 90% of people who are nearing the end of their life on this earth wish they had done more to cultivate joy and love in their life.

Bridge to Love is ONLY $197

as compared to a live workshop at $849

Plus no expensive travel costs!

Program starts February 14th and runs 5 weeks.

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It’s ok to want a soul mate, intimacy, a fulfilling career, inner peace, your dream home – whatever will make you feel complete and happy.

What if instead of calling it a dream, you called it a PLAN?

I have created this course for you from the exact steps I used in my own “Bridge to Love” to get to where I am today – except YOU’LL take these steps in just five weeks, and avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes I made along the way to living my dream!

BRIDGE TO LOVE is your roadmap to living with more…

MORE joy
MORE fulfillment
MORE dates
MORE love
MORE self-confidence
MORE passion
MORE purpose
MORE intimacy

And who doesn’t want that?!?

Here’s what to expect:

Each week for 5 weeks a live 60 minute interactive call at 5:30 pm Pacific, starting February 14th.

This is your chance to work with Jaki in a live setting!!

All calls will be recorded and on replay for your convenience.

Weekly discovery sheets with each call to support your growth.

5 customized bonuses created specifically to turn your dreams into a plan, Valued at $1,200.

5 Weeks - of step by step guidance to playing bigger, loving your life, and finally embarking on your path to destiny!


Module One – Find the Doorway to Your Authenticity

  • The meditative practice that will fix your most important relationship – the one with YOURSELF.
  • How to connect with your higher being and intuition (you’ll KNOW when you find him!)
  • How to release the blocks that have been keeping you from lasting happiness.
  • The secret to finally leaving the pain of the past behind and MOVING ON. (Men can TELL when you’re not ready. This module will help you shift your energy so he can FEEL your vibe!)
  • How to easily shift from living in fear to living in love.
  • The key to aligning your beliefs with your purpose. (Because make no mistake, this is the key to attracting the partner who aligns with YOU!)

Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry, and all forms of fear are caused by too much future or past and not enough presence. You must learn how to ground yourself in the present moment and stop drifting between regrets of the past or worrying about the future. When you master the ability to be present in the NOW you will find your true authentic self. There is an astonishing power and sense of freedom and lightness that comes from being authentic and present. It is so powerful and fulfilling that after a while, being REAL is the only option worth considering!

Module Two – Intimacy

  • Building your emotional foundation.
  • Is it a NEED or a DESIRE? – How to tell the difference.
  • Fulfilling your core ego in healthy, non-material ways.
  • Where is your magic hiding? (This might surprise you!)
  • Why feeling safe and self-confident in who you are is SO attractive to men. (And how to finally feel it!)
  • Getting your sparkle back, no matter your age or your dress size. (This is always a MAJOR shift that truly lights you from within!)

Love and intimacy almost always disappear in the relationship when we abandon ourselves by judging ourselves, by ignoring our feelings, and by making others responsible for our sense of worth. When you learn how to connect with your own feelings and feminine essence, and give yourself the love and attention that you need you will begin to value yourself. Your life will become rich with meaning, and joy, which will send out the passion signals to the men you want to attract!

Module Three - The Language of your Intuitive Heart

  • The importance of listening to your gut. (You will learn how to tell the difference between ego guidance and heart guidance.)
  • The key to making decisions from a place of love and compassion.
  • How to stop repressing your emotions – deal with them and move ON.
  • Why your mind tells you lies, and what you can do about it.
  • Learning the language of feelings and feminine energy as a bridge to learning the language of your future lover.

When you process your life through your mind you’re using a fear-based system that is defensive and dysfunctional and designed to keep you safe at all costs. The walls that your mind erected are now keeping the love that you long for out. Learning how to process your life through your feelings is 100% more efficient because it’s a love-based system designed for growth, empowerment, creation, mastery and unity! When you learn to use your feminine energy, you will come from a place of infinite wisdom, love and compassion, which will make your life effortless and serene. (And just happens to be irresistible to men!)

Module Four - Mastering Your Mind and Overcoming Stress and Resistance

  • How to see your problems as solutions. (This is the ancient art of mind mastery that has been changing lives for centuries!)
  • The steps to relieving overload – and gaining clarity. (So many women have found that this clears the pathway for love to walk in. You FIND the time for it. You radiate readiness!)
  • Incorporating meditation into your daily life. (This is a new way of looking at meditation so if you’ve never done it or never succeeded at it, you’ll love this!)
  • Keeping calm in the center of the storm.
  • How to use the habits you already have to build something new and exciting. (You may already be doing things that men LOVE, you just aren’t making the most of it!)
  • Why facing your toughest obstacles is the pathway to lasting happiness.

Overwhelm, confusion or fear is a pattern of thinking that is caused by your minds inability to see the logical next steps. When your mind cannot see a solution, it produces an overload in your system, and that’s how fear comes up. Letting go of limited thinking unlocks many of our restraints and allows us to become much, much more. All of a sudden, we understand how we fit into the web of life. We see ourselves as part of the whole instead of an isolated entity. This is when you expand into a whole new dimension. From this vantage point, everything looks different. Learn how to climb out of the haze and glimpse the big picture and embrace your surroundings and free yourself from much of your struggle by overcoming your mind’s limiting beliefs of what you can have and deserve out of life.

Module Five - Becoming a Visionary

  • The 3 keys to conscious creation. (Learn these and you can manifest pretty much anything you want!)
  • How to work toward your vision even when facing adversity.
  • Making the Law of Attraction work for you. (You can attract more dates, more sex, whatever you want!)
  • Visioning like the pros! The most successful, happiest people in the world have mastered the art of visioning. I’ll tell you how they do it and how you can do it too!

When you are an observer of life, you tend to focus on what you don’t have (which only draws out the misery!) Observers are dreamers without a plan. Learn to become a visionary of your life and thrive all the time by focusing your attention on your INTENTION. Your intentions are seeds you plant in the now that will blossom in the future. You will learn to actualize your personal power to become a conscious visionary so that you can create anything you want with ease and joy. (It will feel like you unlocked some magic!)

Bridge to Love Workbook

Bridge to Love is ONLY $197

as compared to a live workshop at $849

Plus no expensive travel costs!

Program starts February 14th and runs 5 weeks.

Sign up now and receive the program bonuses AND you'll be added to our private Facebook Group where we are providing 24/7 FREE coaching support.



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Let me be straight with you.

The process of stepping into a bigger, bolder life and a SOULMATE LOVE takes commitment.

You'll need to be honest with yourself about what has been holding you back, and how you want your life to be going forward.

You need to be ready to declare that THIS. IS. YOUR. TIME.

Commit to YOURSELF for just FIVE WEEKS.

That means NO excuses. NO putting a hundred other things ahead of this work.

Because there are a lot of other programs out there created to help you get happier, but none of them take the time to really get underneath and find out what’s kept you from being happy so far!

Other courses I've seen have good intentions but are so general that they fail to help their audience see how the course can be tailored to their personal situation.

This is a journey in self-discovery, and it's got to be personal!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to STOP looking for that missing thing you can’t quite put your finger on?

When you’ve spent months or even years feeling like something is missing in your life, you don’t want to join a year-long program. You need a quick turnaround, so you don't waste any more precious time!

That’s why I made sure Bridge to Love gives you everything you need right away to get on the path to your dream life!

Each focused module will give you the tools to empower yourself and to become a visionary for your life so you can create the love that your heart desires.

Does that sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

This course is the compilation of everything I have learned and studied for the last 25 years and is, in part, based on ancient and proven principles of attraction, dream manifestation, and purposeful living.

25 years of study and experience delivered to you in just 5 weeks!

Jaki is one of THE most powerful love and dating coaches on the planet. She embodies everything she teaches - self-love, self-worth, and the divine feminine. She walks her talk, and is an example of applying her own process in her life - and having the marriage and soul-centered relationship with the man of her dreams! Her heart-centered process is deeply life changing, and I highly recommend her if you are looking for an intuitive self-mastered guide who will pull you out of the darkness of unhealthy relationship patterns that fall short of the glorious, rich, and extraordinary romance you so deeply deserve!

ShivaniIf you feel you are too smart, gorgeous, and successful to settle for anything less than the best relationship ever - Jaki is the coach for you!

She not only believes that you can get what you want - but she shows you how to receive, how to be in an emotionally healthy spiritual relationship, how to be vulnerable, and how to succeed - in relationships and life!

I highly, highly recommend her, and I hope you get to be inspired by and adore her as much as I do!”

Shivani Singh, CEO, Dharma Express

I’ve never been happier or more in love! Some women have asked me if this is possible for them, I wanted to share with everyone- YES! This is possible for anyone who truly desires this and does the inner work to become the woman you need to be. The arduous journey to love makes this all the richer and me so incredibly grateful. My Maria and Ericlong-time heart's desire of finally meeting my beloved came true after being single most of my adult life! I finally removed my inner barriers to love and be loved. Eric and I have a mutual love, gratitude, respect and adoration for each other. If this is what you truly desire, I know it is possible. You are in the right place. Continue your work, as the reward is so amazing and sweet.”

Maria (and Eric)

I am bursting with appreciation and gratitude for the leap of faith I took when I committed to Jaki’s program. My best decision in 2016! How I have grown and evolved amazes me. It has been a roller-coaster ride, and I'm so thankful that Jaki was with me. I'm dating and having fun dating! I know that in 2017 I will manifest amazing things in my life including my husband.”


It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from.

Bridge to Love will take you light-years from where you are now, to a place where you are confident in yourself and your desires and with a clear plan of action to make them real!

You can do this. The program has everything you need for a jumpstart into joy.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SHOW UP with bravery and an open heart.

What do you say?

Stop being left on the outside looking in…wondering what “they” know that you don’t.

Take the first step on the path to the rest of your life by registering here for BRIDGE TO LOVE!

Bridge to Love is ONLY $197

as compared to a live workshop at $849

Plus no expensive travel costs!

Program starts February 14th and runs 5 weeks.

Sign up now and receive the program bonuses AND you'll be added to our private Facebook Group where we are providing 24/7 FREE coaching support.


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BRIDGE TO LOVE customized bonuses created specifically to turn your dreams into a plan. Valued at $2000!


Confidence is GOLD! 20 Inspirational Tips to get you feeling like the amazing beautiful women you really are.

Confidence is HOT!

Men love a woman who is sure of herself and passionate about life. But how do you get there if things aren’t going exactly as you want them to? How do you get your mojo back after a break up or a job loss?

These 20 tips are simple ways to reconnect to the amazing woman you are and start sending the right signals to men!

Valued at $75.00 PDF

The Gift of Gab

The Gift of Gab – Healthy relationships are just a good conversation away! Discover the gifts that good communication brings.

Learn this powerful technique for communicating in a way that respects your partner and honors your relationship. You’ll learn what words help him listen and which ones repel him completely! You’ll tune into how to reach him so that you can be heard and so that ultimately, you can find your center together.

3- part mini video series plus worksheet. Valued at $300.00

Mastering Serenity Triger Happy

Mastering Serenity ~ Trigger Happy? Don’t shoot the messenger. How to deal with your emotional triggers and stop alienating people you love.

Do you want to feel calm and composed in the face of adversity? This video training will help you to understand why you react the way you do, why some people trigger you more than others and the consequences of being defensive. You’ll learn a simple, powerful process to implement in order to change behaviors that can become your secret weapon for creating more intimacy in all your relationships and attract the right man into your life.

Video training plus worksheet Valued at $150.00

How to be irresistible

How to be Irresistible - The exact method I used to attract my man!

In this audio you will learn the secret method of clearing blocks and opening to love so you can FAST TRACK your ability to manifest love in your life

You will also discover the secret to keeping your heart open (even after heartbreak) and how that can manifest goodness into all areas of your life.

Audio training valued at $150.00

Transformational Call with Tammi Baliszewski

Transformational call with best-selling author Dr. Tammi Baliszewski that will inspire you to never give up on love!

Dr. Tammi generously gives away several of her manifesting secrets during this remarkable interview. The art and science of manifestation is available to everyone! You’ve just got to tune in and learn how to use it. Dr. Tammi will teach you how to manifest your deepest desires and highest goals!

Tammi has a double Ph.D. in counseling and spiritual psychology, and has written 2 books: "Manifesting Love From the Inside Out AND the best-selling "Manifesting Prosperity From the Inside Out.”

Audio Interview valued at $300.00

Jaki's Vault of VIP Online Resources!!!


From single to committed

7 -Steps to Attract and Keep the Love of Your Life e-book– How to go from single to committed and happily ever after!

Bonuses valued at over $2000.00!

Bridge to Love Program cost? $197.00

as compared to a live workshop at $849.00

Plus no expensive travel costs!

Program starts February 14th and runs 5 weeks.

Sign up now and receive the program bonuses AND you'll be added to our private Facebook Group where we are providing 24/7 FREE coaching support.


You may be asking yourself if you can really change the pattern of your life in only five weeks.

You can.

I’ve laid it all out for you, using all the lessons I learned through years of hard work and self-discovery.

I’ve stripped it all back to the basics, the most IMPORTANT steps, so you can start seeing a real difference NOW.

Join me for BRIDGE TO LOVE and start living the second half of your life with purpose, fulfillment, and JOY!

I can’t wait to see you there!

With Love,

Jaki Sabourin