Engaged at Any Age with Jaki Sabourin

12 months Marquise Private, laser focused Love, Healing and Life Planning.

Ready to go deep? Every year I take a small group of clients and work with them one on one to map out their life and love plan.

Like the lotus flower, at the end of the year, you will have risen from the mud and murk (of your mind) to Fall Madly in Love with life, with yourself and quite possibly with the man of your dreams!

As your Guide on your Journey Home to Yourself you will discover how amazing you truly are. The essence of who you are is what your man is looking for.

Once you fall in love with yourself the world is yours and everything in it! In order to have the love you want you have to become the love. This experience is massively transformational and will create Permanent Behavior Change in the shortest amount of time.

You will follow the same modules as the Engaged at any Age group program but in a private, laser focused and intimate setting.

I will fast track your love plan and work with you to create the life you’ve dreamed of living.

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"To create our desires, our higher vision for our lives, we must grow our mindset to match these desires. The fastest way to achieve this is through a the support of a mentor. Someone who as done their spiritual mindset growth work and who has a achieved the level of success we desire.

By choosing Jaki as my mentor I can honestly say, she is the one, she is the real deal. I have worked with many people on my path and it is true what they say. When you are ready, the teacher will appear.

Jaki is someone who has done her spiritual work and knows how to lovingly share it and support another in the achievement of their desires and dreams. If you are tired of not having all that you desire in life and are willing to do the work and move out of your own way to polish the facets of your inner diamond she is the way shower. Jaki is not in it for her ego and self satisfaction of achievement, she is in it to support you in achieving your dreams and desires. She is the best wing woman in the world. Everyone needs to be deeply supported and loved through the rough spots of self growth by someone who understands the process. I am deeply grateful that synchronicity led me to Jaki. During my time of private coaching with her I have gone from fearful resistance and not know how, to step by step doing the work to rebuild myself from within and actualizing my vision. I am now free from my past obstructions and able to say yes to having and achieving all that I desire.”

-Cindy Ciskowski 8/2/16

"Jaki Sabourin has been instrumental in the progress I feel I have made in just a few months.  Working with her and using the Self Mastery techniques she focuses her practice on, has enabled me to realize what I have been denying and blocking for years. Lately, I have become more excited about my future and about my ability to rely on my intuition, on ME, without the guilt, worry and fear. I had not felt good since July of 2007. Eight years! But after 6 short months of working with Jaki, I feel calm, and peace, and GOOD. I forgot what that felt like. Thank you Jaki." ~Wendy 1/5/16

"Before I started working with Jaki I felt sad, lost, abandoned, alone, depressed, miserable, and confused. My 5-year relationship just ended without notice as my fiancé walked out of my life leaving me a note. Yes we had a rocky relationship but didn't see that coming. He dropped me like a bad habit and I had given up friends & family to place him as #1 in my life. I couldn't eat, sleep or function. I was alone and didn't know how to embrace this especially when I wanted to get me ex back. The universe heard my cry and pleads for peace and healing for my hurting heart. I was going through my emails and I came an email blast from Jaki with the heading "Do you have a broken heart? Time to find out in Day 21" I figured why not because I was not getting any better on my own and I was desperate. I took advantage of her 30 min phone time and it was time well spent as I cried & gave her my history but she listened put things into perspective. I felt like she knew me and she said if I did this work I would be aligned again because there were things outside of my relationship I needed to pay much emphasis to and I would be healed overall. I had my doubts because I was still cloudy and sad from breakup. Fast forward 3 months later, I'm happier, lost 10lbs, and loving life again. The journey has been awesome, as I have with the help of Jaki uncovered a lot of behaviors and thinking that have caused a lot of roadblocks in my life & relationships. I love this work because it drills down to the root cause and once the root cause is found the resolution is sustainable. This work is about me and I'm becoming the best version of mySelf. Stepping into my power is so liberating and the healing process is phenomenal. I would cry everyday but now the tears have finally ceased. If you were like me always putting others first, don't anymore and invest the time and effort into this program. Yourself will thank you for it! I'm in such a better place mentally, emotionally and spiritually and attracting wonderful people in my life and experiencing the fulfillment of my desires. Thank you Jaki" ~Peace

"I was single for five years and started working with Jaki in June 2015. I took her advice, did a photo shoot, and then Jaki helped me with my online profile. After an intensive push, during which I dated 16 men in 2.5 months. I had 1 or 2 and even three dates per week and then I met “the one”! I know that a lot of people feel frustrated in the process, and I too felt discouraged doubting myself in the process. I thought there was something wrong with me. After working with Jaki, I was able to see that there was nothing wrong with me, I was just not using my feminine essence. I’m a very successful and strong independent woman, and I have a tendency to talk a lot, which caused me not to be fully present. The greatest thing I learned from Jaki was the art of listening, which supported me in staying present in the moment in my life and on my dates. Once I was able to quiet my mind and listen, he gradually started to talk about himself and open up to me. I’m so thrilled with my life. We’ve been to Paris, on a cruise, he loves and adores me, and I’m very excited about the future. I’m in love, and I’ve never been happier! Thank you, Jaki." Shirley, 10-2015

Shivani Singh

Jaki Sabourin is one of THE most powerful love and dating coaches on the planet. She embodies everything she teaches - self-love, self-worth, and the divine feminine. She walks her talk, and is an example of applying her own process in her life - and having the marriage and soul-centered relationship with the man of her dreams!

Her heart-centered process is deeply life to change, and I highly recommend her if you are looking for an intuitive self-mastered guide who will pull you out of the darkness of unhealthy relationship patterns that fall short of the glorious, rich, and extraordinary romance you so deeply deserve!

If you feel you are too smart, gorgeous, and successful to settle for anything less than the best relationship ever - Jaki is the coach for you!

She not only believes that you can get what you want - but she shows you how to remove what is keeping you back from attracting the love of your life, healing past hurts, and guides you through a step-by-step process that will take you from stuck and frustrated to becoming a fulfilled, emotionally whole, radiant Queen, master of your Self and your life, and capable of manifesting whatever you desire! Additionally, Jaki holds your hand as you go through the ups and downs of dating - from what to text, to what to say on your first date, how to master dating, how to receive, how to be in an emotionally healthy spiritual relationship, how to be vulnerable, and how to succeed - in relationships and life!

I highly, highly recommend her, and I hope you get to be inspired by and adore her as much as I do!

Shivani Singh, CEO
Dharma Express

I look back on where I was last January, and I love how much I've learned about myself and my power to manifest what I want. This program has fortified me with the tools I use to identify and maintain healthy personal boundaries with my children, my sister, my coworkers, and people I come in contact with on a daily basis. I have learned how to nurture and heal myself when life triggers me. This is MY power and my responsibility! I put my intentions on paper when I started the program last January, and I decided to live with integrity and be firm with myself about what I was doing. I declared out loud that I would be in a life long loving, committed relationship and married this year because I am enough and I deserve it! I met Freddy in the middle of my spiritual growth spurt. We've been together for six months, and my whole life is better with Freddy in it! I am his Queen, and he is my King! I am so excited about my present and my future! Thank you for your guidance and your Love.

From Grammy to my dating self. Fresh out of the cocoon! I'm dating for the first time in decades! My greatest growth was the day I signed up to work with Jaki. I love Jaki's enthusiasm and her inner trust that she had something special to offer me and that if I could be receptive, I would grow. I had no idea how or what she could offer but I trusted my deepest self to do something I had never done! Commit! Commit to working on myself with the hope of finding a partner, a love of my life, a soul mate. All those words were for someone else. Not for me, I thought. So first trust and then commitment! Two biggies! Sounds like marriage!
What I have learned is to deeply love myself. That was the greatest gift of all. Love you. Peace. Lynnda

I’ve never been happier or more in love! Some women have asked me if this is possible for them, I wanted to share with everyone- YES!  This is possible for anyone who truly desires this and does the inner work to become the woman you need to be to have this I put my money where my intention was and invested in my heart's desire and signed up with Jaki. The arduous journey to love makes this all the richer and me so incredibly grateful. My long time heart's desire of finally meeting my Beloved came true after being single most of my adult life! I became the woman I needed to become to attract him. And it means I finally removed my inner barriers to love and be loved. Eric is so respectful of me, and he does not assume anything. Our entire courtship he waits for permission and then takes the lead.  So we are sweetly navigating this relationship. I am happy and in the flow. Eric and I have a mutual love, gratitude, respect and adoration for each other. If this is what you truly desire, I know it is possible. You are in the right place. Continue your work, as the reward is so amazing and sweet. Love, Maria

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