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Whether you’ve been single for a few days or a few years, it can sometimes feel like you’re NEVER going to find the right man. I remember years ago, before I met Michael, when I would start feeling down about finding someone I wanted to build a long-lasting relationship with,
The lights, the sounds, the stores full of people! You know the holidays are upon us with all the bustle and activity going on! But as a single woman, it can be tough seeing everyone gathering and celebrating when you feel alone. I’ve been through some tough holidays myself where
EAA 18 | Things That Drive Men Away
  Nothing could get us out from being single if we continually drive men away. You may not be aware of it, but certain things would certainly keep them from being in a relationship with you. Jaki shares the three things that drive men away while providing you some great
  We tend to get attached very quickly, especially if we like a guy. That’s the worst thing you can do in dating is to get attached. Women have this neurotic need for men to respond to us, to reach out to us, to constantly reassure us that they're into
EAA 20 | Emotionally Unavailable Men
  Nothing makes a relationship better than to be able to connect with the person you are with on a deeper and intimate level. To those who are not as fortunate to come by with this connection, we may find ourselves going around attracting emotionally unavailable men. Go past this
EAA 22 | Hot And Cold
  One day he comes on strong and totally into you. The next day, he becomes cold and confusing. How do you keep on playing this game when dating or in a relationship, or maybe, how do you stop the game? Sometimes, this kind of set-up only leads us at
EAA 23 | Limiting Beliefs
  Limiting beliefs are anything that limits you from doing what you want out of your life. They limit you from living your best life. You can change the things that you’re aware of; it’s the unconscious limiting beliefs, the things you’re not aware of, that are almost always causing
You’ve seen her. She’s walking down the street by herself. A swing in her step. A radiant smile on her face. Not a care in the world. Everyone notices her because in a sea of people rushing to work while looking at their phones, this woman is HAPPY. She’s enjoying