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Articles & Videos on Relationships and Love

EAA 10 | How To Talk To Men
  Sometimes in dating, we end up ruining great opportunities ourselves. When we see that special person who we have chemistry with, our mind tends to go overdrive that we sabotage the great thing going on. It's time to overcome this and learn how to talk to men that we
EAA 8 | Things That Attract Men
  You may think it is hard to find a partner when you are over 50, but this is only because you have not gotten in line with how to attract them. There are specifically different qualities that men are looking for as they age, and Jaki shares three things
  I want to offer you a two-part “love hack”! Sometimes, we get so stuck in our heads when we’re worried about making the right impression in a new relationship. It can make us feel stiff and uncertain. And that can make us come across as cold. Since that’s exactly
  Relationships always begin with a connection; but to get committed, you have to emotionally connect with your partner. How do you achieve that? Jaki shares the secrets to emotionally connect with a man, especially as you age. Learn some tips on how you can continue to turn yourself and
You’re probably pretty surprised to hear me say that. But it’s true. I used to hate myself. I suffered so much abuse as a child that I grew up feeling shame, unworthiness, and a lot of self-loathing. Not only did I hate myself, but I also blamed myself for what
Enjoy the replay of my Live video where I talk to you about: Connecting with Your Feminine Energy and learn why it’s kryptonite for men! Ladies, you can’t argue with science. Research has shown over and over and over again — feminine attracts masculine. And if you want that hot shot alpha male
EAA 6 | Things That Turn Men On
  When you think that you’ve found the right man that you’re into, you may find yourself looking for ways to keep him turned on and by your side. There are actually ways that you can do that. Jaki shares her five tips for keeping your man turned on. ---
I want to talk to you about: How to Find Mr. Right! Are you searching for Mr. Right? Do you have a strategy? Well, you need one. Instead of viewing yourself as a hunter bounding toward the man of your dreams, let me help you shift your point of view