Articles & Videos on Relationships and Love

I am SO happy that you are here with me, on a shared mission to fall madly in love. Today’s Topic? Gardening! Sort of… On this day we are planting the fertile ground from which love can grow. You cannot attract love into your life until you pull the lingering weeds—the
EAA 15 | First Move
  A study shows that 92% of men want women to make a signal and let them know that they're interested in them. Sometimes, doing that takes guts; it's just not easy to do. At the same time, you would not want to pass up the chance, especially if you
EAA 13 | Dating
  As the world becomes even more connected, thanks to technology, we get to meet people from a variety of ways - be that on the street, inside a restaurant, and even online. Jaki invites her husband, Michael, as they talk about meeting for the first time and knowing that
  A man cannot hold you as the center of his attention indefinitely. In fact, nobody can. In relationships, we tend to find ourselves asking for constant attention from our partner. However, this could pose a lot of major setbacks in your relationship. Without noticing it, you may end up
EAA 11 | Attracting A Financially Secure Man
  When all you want is the best for you, people sometimes take it the wrong way. As you go for gold in your dating life, your efforts can be viewed negatively; most especially when what you are aiming for is attracting a financially successful man. How then can you
EAA 10 | How To Talk To Men
  Sometimes in dating, we end up ruining great opportunities ourselves. When we see that special person who we have chemistry with, our mind tends to go overdrive that we sabotage the great thing going on. It's time to overcome this and learn how to talk to men that we
EAA 8 | Things That Attract Men
  You may think it is hard to find a partner when you are over 50, but this is only because you have not gotten in line with how to attract them. There are specifically different qualities that men are looking for as they age, and Jaki shares three things
  I want to offer you a two-part “love hack”! Sometimes, we get so stuck in our heads when we’re worried about making the right impression in a new relationship. It can make us feel stiff and uncertain. And that can make us come across as cold. Since that’s exactly