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Now What? Your Next Chapter Awaits!

April 19, 20241 min read

Hi Lovely,

Have you ever paused, amidst your bustling life, and wondered, "Is this really it?" Perhaps you're grappling with a nagging sense of restlessness in your career or personal life. Trust me, you're not alone. This contemplation often sweeps in around mid-life, stirring questions like "Now what?" "What’s next for me?" "Can I aspire for more?"

Now what

I’ve been there, feeling the persistent pull of uncertainty about where my life was headed. But instead of rushing through these feelings, I embraced them, diving deeper into my inner essence and basking in the liminal space until my next steps became crystal clear. Whenever I sensed any resistance, I chose to pause and listen deeply. Seeking direction often means waiting for the perfect timing, but sometimes, a sudden flash of insight can light up your path!

Here’s a heartfelt piece of advice: Converse with your future self. She holds all the answers you seek and is eagerly waiting to guide you. We often look outward for guidance, forgetting that the wisdom we need resides within us. All you need to do is ask.

Your task is simple yet profound—reach out to your future self, trust your intuition, and take that brave first step forward. Remember, each step leads to another, gradually unveiling a plan designed just for you. Don’t fret over missteps; they’re not mistakes but valuable lessons meant to be learned.

Embrace the pressure you feel; it's not just a challenge but a crucial catalyst for growth and abundance. So, muster your courage and step into your power.

Are you ready to turn the page and start this exhilarating new chapter? Let’s do this together, with hearts wide open and spirits high!

With love and light,

Jaki Sig

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Jaki Sabourin

Jaki Sabourin was voted “Best Female Relationship Expert” by her peers and is a Coach, Speaker, Author, and CEO of Engaged at Any Age® which was created to be a sanctuary for high-value women ready to awaken to their feminine power and create the life and relationship of their dreams!  Her wit and no-nonsense attitude have led to thousands of clients meeting their ideal man.  She met her husband on Match and married at 50.

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